EPFL's CTF team

Who we are

polygl0ts is the official EPFL CTF team. It was born in 2018, and is still going strong. We are a passionate, growing team looking forward to expand its ranks.

You can have a look at our CTFTime team page and at our GitHub.

What we do

We capture flags. We participate in competitive security hacking events and usually win (unless there are too many guessy challenges).

We also try to have fun while taking part in those. To have a look at the kind of challenges we like to solve, go and have a look at our writeups page.

Why we do it

Well, for starters, because poking holes in unsecure systems is fun. Secondly, because solving challenges makes you learn a lot of new horrible cool things and skills.

Finally, playing CTF is the quickest way to gain hacker cred. You can then later spend this hacker cred to brag with the few friends of yours that still use IRC.

More stuff

We have a Discord server and a Twitter X account.