EPFL's CTF team

TU CTF 2018 - Ancient


Gurney showed me this tablet he found on some far off secret island, but I have no idea what it says… (Standard flag format, letters in all caps) (Difficulty: Normal)



It’s clear that the picture shows the flag encrypted with a strange footprint alphabet.

One of the first idea we had was that this alphabet is taken from a book or a film. But we kinda gave up after a few random google searches.

Eventually one of us googled Gurney secret code. The first result was the Dinotopia wikipedia page. Find below the first phrase on the page.

Dinotopia is a fictional utopia created by author and illustrator James Gurney.

At this point we googled Dinotopia secret code. Once again the first result was promising, a page called Code of Dinotopia. In it, a link to the Footprint alphabet page.


Decoding out immage we obatain: THE FLAG IS IF_ONLY_JURASSIC_PARK_WAS_LIKE_THIS.

We got the flag!