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Tokyo Westerns CTF (2018) — vimshell


Can you escape from jail?

Opening the challenge

Interface upon opening

When opening the challenge, we can see a shell with what looks like a Git diff file shown in the vim editor. The diff shows that the config has been modified to disable the :, Q and g keys. I wasn’t sure about usage of Q and g, but : is the way to start all kinds of commands in vim.

Trying to quit vim

Since I am not a vim power-user, I did a lot of googling to find ways to go around those limitations. From the hint, and the common joke that people always have a hard time quitting vim, I started by looking for ways to exit the editor without :wq. I quickly found shift+ZZ, but this only resulted in a “Connection closed” message:

Trying to quit vim

Opening man pages

So it seems that quitting isn’t what we’re supposed to do. How about executing arbitrary shell commands? I knew that :!some_command would execute some_command in the shell. But we don’t have direct access to command mode (because : is disabled).
In the vim manual, I looked for other ways to reach command mode, but had no luck:

Vim mode switching features

It didn’t seem to be possible to reach command mode in a way that wasn’t disabled. That’s when I thought:

Ha, since we can move around and write in this document, would there be a way to execute a command written under the cursor?

So I searched for this and found this StackOverflow question which taught me that we can open the man page for the word under the cursor with shift+K:

Opening man pages

Before even going further, I tried again the ! binding in this new man view. To my surprise, it worked! Since we had a way to execute shell commands, it was easy to locate the flag by looking around the filesystem with ls, and printing it wit cat.

Opening man pages

We got the flag! TWCTF{the_man_with_the_vim}