EPFL's CTF team

Challenge “-.-“


To 1337-H4X0R:

Our coworker Bob loves a good classical cipher. Unfortunately, he also loves to send everything encrypted with these ciphers. Can you go ahead and decrypt this for me?

Comment : This was given with the file flag.txt


The text represents morse code, in a pronouncable way. A morse code of

Parsing the text

The text was parsed with “dit” or “di” being taken as a dot. And “dah” or “da” being taken as a dash. Spaces will be mark the words. The script toMorse.py parses the file. And then we used a online morse interpreter to get the solution. This gave us some data in hex format, which, when parsed in utf-8 will yield the flag. So using test.py we get the flag.

Note :

The script toMorse.py should run on both versions of python, but was used with Python 3 while test.py was used with Python 2.7.


Flag was : gigem{C1icK_cl1CK-y0u_h4v3_m4I1}